type of the periodical

monthly magazine /targeting modern women/ aged 20 - 50 years, dynamic, well educated, with social and professional obligations, having their own business and career, financially independent. EVA is also attracting the attention of men, who are part of the magazine's audience.

EVA was first published in 1998 and since then it has been trusted and recognised by many readers and partners. EVA is the leader among all the local monthly publications concerning the volume of advertisement during the past 4 years, data from independent media research agencies shows.
leading rubrics and topics

celebrity news

rubrics: nota bene; movies; books; music; gossips; focus; cover star; the man of EVA; special people; hot couple; special project EVA; my life; eternal EVA; hero of the month.


rubrics: fashion news; fashion boutique; shopping therapy; fashion series; the style of...; trends.

health & beauty

rubrics: beauty news; cosmetics promotions - make-up, new fragrances; hairstyle, beauty secrets of celebrities; fitness club; health news; health literature; advices from specialists; Adam vs. Eve.


news; boutique accessories; interior design; travel ideas; restaurants and bars presentation/recipes.

index pages

rubrics: addresses of beauty, cosmetics and fitness centers; shopping index; prize of the month, horoscope
number of pages in each issue – 180-336 monthly
print run - 18 000-20 000 copies
date of release - up to 5th of each month


- Sofia & region 10 000 copies

- Plovdiv & region 2 000 copies

- Varna & region 2 500 copies

- Bourgas & region 1 500 copies

- other towns 3 000 copies is the online version of the magazine, which covers all the major topics, published in EVA, as well as many other features - forum, quizes, etc. gained very good popularity quite soon after its release.

In 2004 it was voted ,"Site of the year" in the "Entertainment" category of the contest "Bulgarian site of the year". Today it has more than 120,000 montly visits.

For more information:

tel.: 00359 2 987 34 39, 00359 2 810 90 40
fax: 00359 2 980 94 54, 00359 2 987 34 39
e-mail:[email protected]

1000 Sofia
1, Christo Belchev str, 5 fl.

advertising director: severina dokova
[email protected]

advertising assistance: viktor stratiev
[email protected]

advertising assistance: miroslav radoslavov
[email protected]

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